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U.S. Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual (ID Manual)
[Reflects Nice Agreement 10th Ed., 2016 Version]
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The ID Manual contains a listing of acceptable identifications of goods and services. Any entry you choose must accurately describe your goods and/or services. Failure to list the goods and/or services accurately with which you are using or intend to use your mark could prevent you from registering your mark.

Need more information on how to identify your goods or services? Watch the Trademark Information "how-to" video on "Goods and Services." Or need more information on how use in commerce and intent to use differ? Watch the "Filing Basis" video.

Please see below for updated Quick Tips or click on "Searching the ID Manual" for detailed information on searching and use of the ID Manual features.

Please click on the "Guidance for Users" link below for information about the ID Manual's features, general identification and classification notices, and for guidance on identifying and/or classifying specific goods and services. For information about USPTO policy on identification and classification of goods and services, please also consult Chapter 1400 of the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP).

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Trademark ID Manual Field Codes
Code & Name Examples
[IC] Class Code Ex: "001"[IC]
[GS] Goods or Services (G/S) Ex: G[GS]
[ED] Effective Date Ex: "20010601"[ED]
[DE] Descriptions Ex: computer[DE]
[ST] Status (A, D, M or X) Ex: A[ST]
[NT] Note Ex: deleted[NT]
[TL] TM5 Ex: T[TL]